Ioshen Knives

 I do not normally do blog posts regarding equipment I use, or haven’t for over a year.  I did a brief post a few weeks back regarding the Sahm Khom Slicer, since purchasing that knife I have bought a further three knives, the knives are two chefs knives one of 6.5” the other being an 8.25” along with a flexible filleting knife.

Sahm Khom Slicer



Ioshen were launched in 2004 and soon established themselves as producers of fantastic knives being quoted as “The Luke Skywalker light sabre of chef’s knives”.  Award winning and regarded very highly by the industry picking up the equivalent of an industry Oscar in 2007 winning the Excellence in Housewares Award.

Ioshen knives

Ioshen Knives

The secret to a knife with a fantastic cutting edge is the hardness of the steel, for many years knife manufacturers have been trying to get the perfect degree of hardness without creating an edge so hard that it becomes brittle.  The hardness of stainless steel is measured on a scale called Rockwell; 62º being the highest grade commercially available, but as stated earlier at this hardness it becomes brittle.

I.O. Shen Mastergrade knives have overcome this problem by using a layer of extremely hard steel (Rockwell 62º), which is sandwiched between two layers of softer stainless steel (Rockwell 10º), to produce the ultimate cutting edge.  All Ioshen blades are hand sharpened to a 15º angle, which allows for wonderful slicing and portion control.

The Sahm Khom Slicer has been put through its paces and I love using it, the weighting, balance and feel of the knife is perfect, the edge is far superior to any knife I have used in almost 30 years of cooking.  I have a feeling that it will become a firm favourite during my cooking adventures.

At the time of writing this post the only other knife that has been used is the 8.25” chef’s knife.  Friday night was the first opportunity to use the knife and as I was making a curry there would be plenty of knife work, chopping onions, chillies, garlic and ginger.  I started off finely slicing some chillies the knifes balance and hold was perfect making a great chopping action and slicing finely. Onto onions and the same making light work of four onions, I normally use a mandolin for slicing onions from now on I will be using this knife as it a joy to work with.  If I had to use one knife this would be it, the craftsmanship shines through a truly great knife.

chefs 8" knife

8″ Chef’s knife



The next knife to go through its paces will be the filleting knife, tomorrow I will be doing some sea bass and using the knife to test my filleting skills.  I will update with some pictures of my filleted fish tomorrow.

Video of the 8″ chef’s knife slicing a pepper.

Ioshen 8″ chef’s knife

 For more info on the rest of the Ioshen Knives visit there site.